What happened to my appeal ban?

I make this post again because nobody said anything more in the last post I did and stay open. So what happened to the demo that showed the person I ban me? It happened to the explanation I gave in this topic ?.

Cortana, I asked today and they said you were unbanned. I checked in game and you have no active bans, have you tried to play on the server lately?

Of course man. i’ve been trying to enter every day from all this week

Have you changed computers?

I’m not sure who banned you, was it LOADING, LOADING did you use a black ban?

change my name only…

what is your name currently?


As I said before, you are not banned from our servers. At least that’s what echelon says. Admin that banned you should contact me on discord asap so we can finally clear this mess up.

Why you change ur name, cortana was better tbh.

nathaniel is my real name. i change my name temporally because I found people who play here on other servers. then they begin to say I’m hack and that shit so… they ban me. then to avoid that I rename temporally

Topic locked until the admin that banned cortana contacts me.