What is your opinion on [NN] Demonix, being apart of this clan?

HEllo admins ,clan members and friends of Namelessnoobs today am taking the time to ask a very curious question that i need you all to answer honestl and truthfully upon me,

What kind of clan member do you ALL think i am be honest please?

I ate Chinese last night and I took an excellent shit today, as far as comparisons go, I rate you right along with that feeling I had after I was done.

Felt good but I knew 30 minutes later I’d be hungry again and a bologna sandwich wasn’t going to cut it.


I would say you are the same as all the other members we have. Is there a reason for this posting?


Just kidding buddy, you are new, no idea why you posted this but at this point you are doing fine.

So far you seem like you are promising, but that will be determined later! :sir:

You are the worst clan member ever!!! lmao jk. The times I have ever played games with you I have had 0 problems with you so as far as I am concerned you are doing good. Just don’t go psycho on us please. :stuck_out_tongue: If you ever have a disagreement. Try to stay calm about it and not go crazy at the admins. Would be greatly appreciated <3

that is what i llke about this clan its funny but at the same time when its time for business fun and joke are put aside

You’re a faggot. jk you are even worse than a faggot… Nahhhh just kidding you are pretty nice :stuck_out_tongue: :3 :4everalone: