What stuff do you wanna see added,changed or removed here?


I’d encourage you,members and people who play on any of our servers,to give their suggestions on what to be added,changed or removed from this clan in general.Your suggestions and ideas woud be appreciated so take minute and reply on this topic.

The Managment Team

  1. More mw3 servers with different game modes!.

What Yoshi said, a mixed game mode server would be nice, or maybe infected? : D

Spell my name right ._.

Once again you all want more servers yet you can’t get 3 of them filled.

I feel like the Mix Lockdown isn’t very populated as much because it’s only tdm…Instead of having a new whole server, we could convert it to mixed map/game mode

everytime I look on the mw3 server list there is always like 1 or 2 servers that have dome 24/7. I would suggest making a dome 24/7 server with different game modes n shit. also, making the server have more players instead of like 16/18 players only.

Mw2, I would try and suggest switch up the map’s and game modes, the only active one I really see is the terminal one. idk attempt to bring mw2 back to life in some sense kinda. also having more players play instead of like 16/18 players.

just some suggestions in my opinion.

Maybe an infected cod4 server or just a random fun game mode.

I think either Dome or Hardhat 24/7 would work for MW3 but also new game modes that are more exciting like Team Defender and Infected… And yes, Mixed server isn’t very populated because, well… even player complain about maps like Bootleg and Fallen… That’s all for me… I think we really should switch the Mixed server…

I would like to see my job added back :wink: <3 (Rents do soon so :penis: )

Quick reply to everyone who wanted to see more MW3 servers.
I’d like to inform everyone that for now there will NOT be any new mw3 servers due to a few reason which I’m gonna list down below.

  • Servers aren’t populated as much.
  • Hackers crashing and breaking the servers. (10101 guy)
  • Some admins not posting enough proof once a hacker appeals a ban.
  • Once again some admins not using proper ban reasons.

Thanks for reading,
NamelessNoobs Management Team

I agree with Lit

Replace b3 with satm, other than that

hardcore free for all dome 18 players.

Remove smoke grenades from CoD4. lol Sooo annoying.

you already know

Hey, ColouRz here, I just had my first visit in your mw2 Nuketown server and it was so much fun, mostly. The health total is really good because you can spray through a bunch of people quickly and continue on rushing. Although when it comes to killstreaks I’m not a fan of them at all. I used to play tons of cod 4 promod tdm with regular guns which might be were I have this desire from, but nowadays I only snipe. Anyways, the purpose of your server does of course affect this, having the killstreaks off and having the skill cap heightened might scare off newer players who don’t like their confidence crushed. So this is basically a small request to see if it’s possible for you to block the killstreaks and if it’s completely necessary to have them I will find other places to play :slight_smile:. Thanks in advance.

All ks, weapons, strategies are allowed. Our server is made for everyone to play. Therefore, we’ll probably not change it.

as much as the killstreaks can be annoying sometimes,we won’t remove them.Killstreak rewards are one of the main reason people play Call of Duty,and i don’t think anyone would play on the server.