Why iam banned? :(

Enter your namelessnoob lockdown server almost every day. I’ve never had problems with your server. But for some reason I wanted to enter today and suddenly the console tells me that I am banned by aimbot I have a demo but it lasts about 10 seconds because I can not enter. I do not know if there could be a possible solution.
Thank you very much
Entro a su servidor namelessnoob lockdown casi todos los dias. Jamas he tenido problemas en su servidor. Pero por alguna razon quise entrar el dia de hoy y de repente la consola me dice que estoy baneado por aimbot tengo una demo pero dura alrededor de 10 segundos porque no puedo entrar. No se si pueda haber una posible solucion.
Muchas gracias

Nickname: Yuri

Make a proper ban appeal by pressing Ban Appeal on the top and use english only.