Why not...

Hey all… BURN51D3 here.
I’ve been playing an embarrassingly long time actually.
I started with the original Call of Duty. Yea that. COD2 was a big improvement, and I remember being so disappointed with COD3 was announced as Xbox only.

COD4 launched and I’ve been with it ever since.
I used to run the UTDM server out of my dorm room, which I think was top 20 ranked when COD4 was in it’s heyday.

I’ve tried all the new CODs up to MW3, and then decided I’d stop giving up money for a FIFA / Madden type franchise.

I do enjoy NN servers, and I look forward to playing with you all (once I’m unbanned).

welcome to NN

Just for shits I’ve headed down memory lane.

I logged into photobucket for the first time in like 12 years!
Found this:

Also I googled the old IP. It’s still floating around in a lot of places… weird.
Really Weird

Welcome to the forum!