okay now first of all i havent join you guys server like in ages now, and for some reason i cant be unban? really?? When i use to join you guys always ban me again without even knowing it’s me.
This kid bloo always being a dick towards me, wtf is wrong with you? wtf do you want me to do?? like honestly guys!!
just stop! okay?

It wasn’t even my decision to permanently ban you. I gave you so many chances, if you couldn’t learn from the first 8 or 9 tempbans why would we think you’ll learn now?

Personally, if it was up to me I’d never permban you, just continue with tempbans while exponentially increasing the durations until they exceed the length of your waste of a life.

my life isnt a freakin waste!!
is it storm who doesnt want to unban me? my friend knows storm from BP so pls unban me…
you guys are from BP right?