Withdrawing my app to be a member

Hey guys I’m withdrawing my app to be a member for reason that your process takes much to long and at this point I’m seeing too many Not at this time responses. I’ll still like to continue playing here if you like me too.

Hello there.

I understand and you’re allowed to withdraw your application at any time for whatever reason you see fit, however I must add, I don’t see any active (or previously active) application from yourself, so we have no thread/topic to close. According to your post history, you have this post here and a thread in the introduction area, but no application.

If you still wish to apply, you can do by clicking this link below:

or if not, you don’t have to.

All I’m saying is that I feel like I’m applying for a job and waiting on a background check, its only a game we playing here, but I guess so much has changed since I first started playing this game, I was an admin fr yrs and I remember all the rule then but I guess they have changed so much, its all about having fun and getting to know about each others culture, just my opinion :dealwithit:

Ahh, the original app was under a slightly different user name (Malik-VietnamVet) with the dash.
I’m glad to see that you decided to opened a new one though.
I try not to make the application process too tedious, but we do have a few requirements like being on discord, and we try to vet new members a little to make sure we don’t end up with members who hack, or cause problems.

Best of luck on the app.