Would you like a New Hardcore Server?

I for one am a fan of hardcore servers! I would love to see a mix hardcore server of the best maps ( dome, lockdown, bootleg, mission )
So, if you think you would like a hardcore server, please give this a +1.



I don’t know if my input is of any consideration here, but hardcore server? Right on dude!



-1 Fuck that, hard core takes no skill and encourages camping + i dont think we dont need a new server because Epicmix is always empty. Once we manage to develop a big everyday player base for both Lock and Epic, then we can probably task St0rm about it. Right now, this topic seems pointles to me. Why do people keep asking for new servers when they cant even fill the two we got. Does anyone remember one of our most recent endeavors, the S&D server. How did that work out eh?

… if lock and mix stay than +1

+1 xd

Great points fortis. However with mix server I’ve discovered all it takes is 1 or 2 people to populate it and it’s full in no time! So all it takes is 1 or 2 admins willing to jump start it.

I can see your point about camping in hardcore but I’ve discovered the opposite is true if you have low ping like I do. I find it easy to run and gun and straight up beast on people.

-1 i never like the hardcore mode , to easy to die and kill , and explotions kills everywhere and if someone have more than 130 ms he dont kill a shit

what about softcore dome only server

+1 I love hardcore especially servers with all maps and gamemodes


lol why are you bumping 6 month old topic?

A way to revive a 6 months old thread.