Wrongfully banned

So I was playing, I was doing rather good, I got a moab then I went afk for a while when I returned the server said I’m banned for lock on, whatever that means. Bare in mind I had lower ping that the rest of players present. If u guys said I am hacking then I was, I don’t like arguing with ppl. I am not asking for unban. Whoever u think is hacking u have all rights to ban or kick. But for the record I wasn’t. Jus because someone moab doesn’t mean they hack, jus saying lol.
Game name: Trini|leafninja
Banner: DeadWeight

Please use this format to appeal your ban.

Hello, Sorry for the false ban i’ll unban you ASAP also i do understand you didn’t want to make a ban appeal but next time you have something like this to say please use the proper format like stated above.
P.s i meant to ban someone else, Once again i’m sorry for the inconvenience.