Just your average player that tends to be slacking in game :smiley: Nothing else to see here, move along lol.
Nah but for real, my name is Donate, some know me by akaTrik, DeaD Trik, and maybe even Obey Trik :smiley: (just kidding)
Been on this earth for some 21 years, haven’t really done anything major in my life other than designing for some people that have in the gaming community!
Although all of my work is free lance and all of it was made pre 2017 I still got it :dealwithit:
You want something designed or “enhanced” hit this guy up in the discord server! @Donate#9675
I Also do small coding (notepad++ and batch files)
Anything else just PM me!
:yes1: :angry-chillpill: Otherwise stay chill :angry-chillpill: :yes1:

Great description of yourself, I appreciate you sharing this.