Xlrstats is down :(

seems the xlrstats are down (13th april - 3.50pm UK time)

just thought i’d let u know :slight_smile:

dammit,seem to be back now :confused:

speaking of xlrstats, anyway to repair them as they don’t show more detailed information (well they don’t in Chrome) or is that a down side to codx ?

Thank you for letting us know.

B3 has been very finnicky lately. St0rm is working on it this weekend and will be fixed soon.

That is a bug in xlrstats and i don’t have the time to fix it.

Although the xlrstats is lacking a lot of information, you can try opening things in new tabs to see if it loads.

For example, here is my xlr profile: https://xlrstats.namelessnoobs.com/21/player_stats/view/136

If you click on achievements it wont load, but if you open it in a new tab it loads this page: https://xlrstats.namelessnoobs.com/21/achievements/view/136

You can do this with a lot of things that wont load on the xlr site, but it wont work for everything.

Its xlrstats its broken the website itself

ah thanks for the info guys :slight_smile: