Hey, I’m Mason.

I go by CoolioShootyMane on twitch and newgrounds, Killshot in certain circles (circa 2014 pls don’t associate me with machine gun kelly lmfao), or REAPER! in things I take seriously. I dunno, I’m just a guy. Turned 22 on the 14th of this month, and I promised myself I’d never go back to factory work again, so yee. Just kinda doing my thing with digital art and creating content. I recently got a loan of 5k us, gonna be buying a studio space and doing server hosting. I’ve hosted MC, PZ, conan exiles, ark, arma 2 dayZ mod, and terraria servers. I previously did work for Adrenaline Gaming. If NN needs some help here and there with moderation, just ping me on Discord. Cheers!