Zsi Ban

Hello again
As i stated before , been playing for about 2 weeks the game was bought used from EB games ,as the id# , i cant explain that.
In two weeks I have seen a lot of good hackers playing on your servers.I would say most people playing shoot you before you go around a corner or doorway.
Maybe re examine your permanent banning system.
as a footnote , The first time i played on ,one of your servers I was banned also .I didnt even a chance to play yet never fired a shot.AND BANNED.No hacks.
re installed the game and played for 2 weeks .
thanks for your time .

I think you’ve already had your answer…

If there was anything wrong with the used game or serial you would have been banned immediately when you joined. But the used copy from EB games was fine. The system shows that you played about 2 weeks (May 22, 2020 - June 07, 2020). No connections before that, and no other IP addresses were used during that time, only one.

The server takes a screenshot of every player as they join, and the screen shots are manually reviewed by admin. In your case, this screenshot which is tied to your ID and had the exact name that you provided was taken, flagged and banned on June 7th, the same date that you provided. There is only one Zsi in the system, so there is no way that it was someone else. The screenshots are automatically saved with the player name / date / guid, so no room for human error there.

So for the final time.

Appeal Denied

Any further posts will be removed.

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